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Michael Fram, Principal

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"Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself.​ -John Dewey

important school-wide policies

School-wide Grading Policies                                                                                                    NYC HS Academic Policy

Dress Code Policy

Although we are no longer a uniform school, uniform dress may still be required for any group trips out of the building for means of safety and representation, and of course students are encouraged to continue wearing any uniform apparel they have previously acquired to show pride in their school community. Furthermore, students will still be required to comply with the Dress Code Policy below:

  • Male students are not permitted to wear their pants below their waist.
  • Female students are not permitted to wear short-shorts, mini-skirts, see through apparel or low cut tops. All tops must cover the midriff. Parents will be called to bring up appropriate clothing if student is not dressed appropriately.
  • No headwear is permitted in the building (hats, scarves, du-rags, etc.)​

Cell Phone Policy

Students are permitted to bring cell phones into the school building and have them on their person, however, cell phones should never be visible in class.

Designated storage and charging stations will be provided in each classroom. Students have the option to either keep their phones away on their person or in the designated area in the classroom. PLEASE NOTE: The school is not responsible for a student’s cell phone in the designated area or otherwise.  Students are still encouraged to store cell phones and other valuables in their lockers throughout the day.

If a student is seen displaying a cell phone in class for any reason (regardless of intent), that will be recorded by the relevant staff member as a violation of the cell phone policy
Three violations of the school cell phone policy by a student will result in the student's cell phone being collected upon their arrival into the building, stored for the duration of the instructional day and given back to the student at the end of the day, for a total of three consecutive school days.
Upon the fourth violation of the cell phone policy, a student’s phone will be confiscated until a parent meeting is held to address the ongoing issue.
If a student continues to violate the cell phone policy, additional disciplinary and/or restorative measures may be taken as per the Citywide Behavioral Expectations.

Sign-Out Policy

In the interest of ensuring student safety, we have instituted a new policy regarding the issuance of Early Excuse Passes during the school day.  Any student who is leaving school during school hours (from 8:15 – 2:35 Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays; from 8:15 – 3:15 on Wednesdays) must be picked up by a guardian listed on their blue Emergency Contact Card.  We ask that, whenever possible, appointments be scheduled for the morning, so that students do not have to leave school in the middle of the day.  Please have the office where the appointment was held send your child to school with a note excusing their lateness.

​Student ID Policy

  • All Repertory students are issued a Repertory Student ID when they first enroll.
  • ID Photos are taken during the first week to two weeks of school. Personal photos may not be used.
  • Students are expected to keep IDs on them at all times they are in the building. It is also recommended that students carry their IDs whenever they travel to or from school, including on weekends. Street closures, late arrivals or other situations may require students to show ID to police officers or truancy officers.
  • Students must swipe their IDs upon entering the building, both to maintain accurate attendance and to earn REPs as part of our incentive program.
  • Students are given one replacement ID for free at the beginning of each year. Any replacements that are required beyond that will incur a $5 administrative charge.