School-Wide Policies

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NYC HS Academic Policy

Student Handbook 2018-19

Dress Code Policy
In order to foster a professional and focused learning environment, Repertory students will be required to comply with the Dress Code Policy below:

  • Pants should not be below the waist. Short-shorts and mini-skirts are not allowed - all garments covering the lower body should extend beyond the fingertips of the extended arm. All tops must cover the midriff. Sheer/transparent garments are not allowed unless accompanied by a garment that is not transparent.

  • Clothing that degrades religion, race, sexuality and clothing that promotes alcohol, drug use or offensive language is prohibited.  Any attire that features words or images that violate the Department of Education’s Respect for All Initiative will not be permitted.

  • Any student who arrives in clothing that is not consistent with this policy will be asked to change, or given Repertory-branded apparel to wear throughout the day.

Cell Phone Policy
In an effort to support our students, teachers, staff and parents, we are implementing a new system that will require students to leave their cell phones in a locker upon entry.  Cell phones will no longer be allowed past the front desk between 8:15am and 2:37pm.  We believe this new system will help improve student focus, collaboration and academic performance.

Upon entering the school students will be required to surrender their cell phone. The phone will be placed in an individual combination locker near the front desk. At the end of the school day students will have access to the lockers to retrieve their cell phones and any valuables they have chosen to store.  PLEASE NOTE: because students are now expected to leave their cell phones in the lockers, if a staff member becomes aware that a student is in possession of a cell phone, it will be confiscated immediately.  The phone will be returned only to a parent/guardian or their designee over the age of 18.

Other wi-fi capable devices (laptop, tablet, Kindle) will be allowed for instructional use, and may be used during lunch for entertainment (e.g., listening to music or watching movies with headphones).  No device with 3G/LTE capability will be allowed.

In the event a parent/guardian needs to contact their child, you can call the main office, and your child will be contacted immediately and escorted out of his/her classroom. The main office can be reached by calling 212-382-1875.

Early Dismissal Policy
Whenever possible, appointments outside the building should be scheduled for the morning or after the final bell to minimize disruption to instruction.  We also ask that, when possible, a parent/guardian come to pick up their child for such an appointment.  In the event that a parent/guardian is unable to pick up their child for an appointment during the school day, the parent or guardian should submit a written confirmation from the office where the appointment will be held (doctor's office, studio, etc.)  This should be accompanied by a note from the parent or guardian requesting the early dismissal, and specifying the time of release.

Students who become ill during the day will not be released unaccompanied. Ill students will only be released into the company of a parent/guardian or designee from the child’s Blue Emergency Card. If no such person is available to pick the student up and the student is ill enough that they cannot remain in the building, the school will contact EMS to transport the student to a hospital, where they will be accompanied by a staff member until a parent/guardian or Blue Emergency Card designee can meet them.

Student ID Policy
All Repertory students are issued a Repertory Student ID when they first enroll.

  • ID Photos are taken during the first week to two weeks of school. Personal photos may not be used.

  • Students are expected to keep IDs on them at all times they are in the building. It is also recommended that students carry their IDs whenever they travel to or from school, including on weekends. Street closures, late arrivals or other situations may require students to show ID to police officers or truancy officers.

  • Students must swipe their IDs upon entering the building, both to maintain accurate attendance and to earn REPs as part of our incentive program.

  • Students are given one replacement ID for free at the beginning of each year. Any replacements that are required beyond that will incur a $5 administrative charge.